WDF World Cup of Darts 2017

WDF World Cup of Darts 2017The BDO have moved quickly to make an announcement regarding the World Cup of darts to be held this year in Japan. With lots of unrest and rumour-mongering taking place on social media and amongst the BDO fraternity the BDO felt that it was necessary to clear up any details that may have been wrongly passed on, or  simply clarify information to those that had been misinformed about the situation.

The BDO have stated that they the board “offered each country a contribution of £6,000 for 9 flights for 4 Men, 4 Ladies and 1 Team Manager on 3rd March 2017 when the details of the packages were released by the WDF. ” The BDO claim that they make available the money for flights to the Europe Cup or World Cup every year. The BDO also wants to reiterate that it will pay for all the costs for hotels and flights for the Youth Teams to take part in the Europe Youth Cup every year.

The Youth money is raised at our events throughout the year by holding raffles, this year for them to go to Sweden has cost the BDO £12,482.57 of which England received £4,460.92, Scotland £4,279.41 and Wales £3,742.24.

The full statement can be seen on the BDO website.

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